So what does training look like?  How hard is it, really?  Is it easy for anyone to get started?

The answer is: it’s as easy or hard as you want it to be!

At the simplest level, come be part of the group and learn from each other.  Learn as much or as little as you like!  Learn one of the forms, or go on to more advanced training.  There’s no pressure to pursue advanced training if that’s not something you have interest or time to pursue.  Many people come for the weekly sparring practice and that’s as much as they can do.  We’re happy to have everyone come out, no matter what your level!

If you’re interested in the more advanced training, leading to a rank of Knight, Master, or more, then we have a program for that!

See the Ranks page for information on how our ranking system works.  Also check our the Forms page to understand the different lightsaber forms and how we apply them.

Visit our Knights page to see those who have achieved the rank of Knight or Sith! One of these could be your future Master!

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